2 Chapters (SW) (SSK)

Hey guys, M2t5 here, and enjoy the two releases~~~!

Super Soldier King

Sheng Wang


So, we have a new translator. He wished to take on a new series, and I said yes. While some of you guys may be angry that we are taking on a new series, even when we haven’t completed/worked on our other ones. (KS, JS etc.) I understand your frustration, and I don’t care. Here is my reasoning behind not caring: we have had a series of translators working on Kuang Shen (HurrayCats, Demenious, XiaoBaby, Alancia, and many many others). Of all these translators who do not have a series of their own to translate, only one, our head translator (and in many ways leader of the Kuang Shen project) Demenious has stayed. This has lead me to making a theory that unless translators have series of their own to translate, and be accountable to, they won’t stay. So when Fahmi wanted to translate a new series, I said yes.

Now details about the series. Super Soldier King (Cauji Bing Wang). The synopsis and a picture should be out soon. But it is fairly long (like 5000 chapters long) but the chapter length overall is fairly short. 1-2 chapters are going to be guaranteed each week. Regular chapters could go up to five a week depending on Fahmi’s mood, and with sponsored chapters you could be seeing even more. (A donation bar will be put up as soon as we have smoothed out the finer details regarding sponsorship.)

Raws if you would like to look ahead.

There is also a 17k page, which would be good for finding the synopsis etc. But we have found that the chapters seem to be missing paragraphs (?) and for some reason repeat chapters…? Anyways read ahead on 17k at your own risk.



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