1 Chapter (SW)

Hey guys, I’ve only edited around half of the chapter, but I didn’t want to hold up the release any longer. This will be the only chapter today and I’ll see if I can edit it later. Sorry for the delays and the lack of edits.

SW chapter

Notes for future chapters:

Currently we are standing at 0 active translators, meaning that all chapters released will be coming from our stockpile. (Which is only SW atm, and will only last around 2-3 more weeks) If we run out, I plan to do some sight maintenance, and re-edit a few chapters that needed it in the time I would usually set aside for editing.


2 thoughts on “1 Chapter (SW)

  1. The for the chapter
    It’ s sad , i Luke so much read your novels ,
    It would be impossible find the book in France
    And i Know only french and inglish
    Hard to stop in the Middle of a book…
    Home you Will find someone motivated and courageous enought for take back the translation.


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