1 Chapter (KS, JS)

Hey guys, we have half a KS chapter and half a JS chapter.

So I edited half of the half of KS chapter (one quarter) and then realized it was late, so I will edit the next half tomorrow, I posted the entire half already. I will release Sheng Wang tomorrow as well when I get around to editing that as well. Thanks for your patience.


18 thoughts on “1 Chapter (KS, JS)

  1. The for the chapter,
    They arr great novels!!!

    The ,JS chapter you already edit le 28 mars
    He end when he constat today is the day of exam
    May be it’ s a link error


  2. Thanks a lot for the half chap of ks. Now comes the mixup: was Grichen lying to Leo or to Suchar? To Suchar he said that after restoring his 4 wings the emperor becomes bloodthrist again and wanted to wip out all beamon tropes. To Leo he acted as if following the old plan, before the emperor recovered his 4 wings…is it just a trap?


    • Lord Xue Ying is updated more frequently on Radiant translations, I have stopped posting here because we don’t have time to work on the series, and I don’t think it is fair to continue posting their work on this website.


  3. hi it as been along time sense i had to write here but you dumba$$e$$ are lying to use once again so close your site and fu%k off you guys are not doing anything it takes forever to do anything and the last time i did this was you guys got new editors and said you up date more but sense then what you have lied to us again and again so stop the donations and do something and done ly to us again or see what is going to happen.


    • Donations are voluntary, you aren’t required to donate, nor are you forced to read our series. If you don’t understand our issues, then don’t support us. Reading one chapter takes around 10 mins. But for those ten minutes of pleasure, a translator has to work at least 3 hrs, and I take at least as long to work through a chapter.


  4. M2t5 before i put this you didnt put any problem you have on the set ok you have to tell the whole problem. the problem i personly have is you lie so stop f ing lying if you say im posting the chapters tomorrow before you get peoples hopes up. think of what you have to do first then post it saying there may be some chapters. i have translated but not Chinese but other langues to English. and if you know what the words are already then you can roughly translate it then look over it.


    • I can’t always keep the commitments that I make. It is unrealistic to expect me to put editing above all my other real life work. I make these estimates based off what I think I can do at that time, but I’m not foolproof, I make mistakes. I’m not saying that what I did was right, but I’m not going to say I’m because my priorities place editing below other activities.


  5. From my view i like the translation and read at less 2 times when i wait the next chapter
    when the delay on new chapter isn’t respected i’m just frustrated cause i want to read them badly,
    But i’m so happy when they got edited !!!

    We got no obligation to come on this web site and read, you got your free will and if you want to give money it’s only cause you like the work, nobody will come after you for no donation, but after a moment we will be short in translation …


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