The present hunt countinues!

GX: Ash?! Where are you? Ash?!

Demenious: GX, I think you were too harsh this time.

GX: But it was not intended.

Demenious: For now let’s search for her. You search in that region and I will search here.


Both of them headed into different direction and started searching.

Ash: What have I done? They are so harsh to me!

LosThanatos: Well it can’t be helped since you are a junior translator. And they are just thinking the best for you.

Ash: But still!

Demenious’s note: I’m innocent… GX.

Suddenly they heard a noise and something fell on top of them.

Ash, LosThanatos: Ouch!

Ash: What is this!?

LosThanatos: looks like we found another present. It is chapter 13 of Jiu Shen.


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