Another Bonus Chapter! Present search!

GX: Hm… Demenious? How is the preparation?

Demenious: GX, no worries we are good.

Ash: Yeah we are, look at that thing.

GX -_-# :她(ta) is not a thing, don’t you call 她(ta) a thing, Ash.

Ash: But 她(ta) is not human!

GX: What are you saying? Shush Ash.

Ash: 😥

Demenious: Calm down GX, we know, we know.

GX: OK, as you command Demenious.

Demenious: Look at what you have done. Ash has run away.

GX: Oh, that was harsher than it should be. Have you found it already?

Demenious: Hm? Find what?

GX: Ah there it is! The 12th Chapter of Jiu Shen.

-to be continued-




4 thoughts on “Another Bonus Chapter! Present search!

  1. So I want to confirm when you say present search does this mean you have hidden some chapter links in this and the previous news posts alongside the chapter link? Cause I have searched but didn’t notice anything but want to know if I may have possibly missed it so I need to search again.


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