Kuang Shen Volume 6 Chapter 1!

Hey, Demenious here. We have finally arrived at volume 6! As many are asking about the release schedule, I shall answer you now, once a week every Sunday. But unfortunately, Sheng Wang and Jiu Shen will not be released today, wait then does that mean that there’s no chapter this week?? Of course not! The chapters will be released tomorrow, or at worst… well it won’t be any worse, if nothing happens the chapters will be released so don’t worry. 😛

M2 is away on a trip now. 😥 Enjoy your trip~ *waves tissue* Come back soon and bring back some food.

While M2 is gone, LosThanatos will be our Head Editor. Please welcome him! *clap* *clap* *clap* And as always please thank the translators and editors!

Here’s the chapter!


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