The Poll results are here! – This is also not a chapter

Hi everyone!
GX here, (Jumping with joy)
As the poll has concluded, I have the results. I am really grateful the 415 voters who supported me in my venture. I’ve decided to start posting my novel on the 27th of December 2015. I hope you guys like my novel. As I wrote before, the story will start a little earlier than planned, but it will be a fun journey together with you guys. I hope you don’t slaughter me for the ending of the Prolog Arc. (M2’s note: 😛 ) The prologue will be around 100 chapters long, and each chapter will have around 15 pages. I will write a synopsis for each arc.

Here is the Synopsis for the Prologue:

After a war of the three powers, the world of Kaethea sunk in to One hundred thousand years of chaos. The world had finally achieved a stable peace until one day the sky darkens, exactly like it had one hundred thousand years ago. What will happen in Keathea? What does this omen forebode? Follow the Damned Author on a journey that is riddled with surprises.

-M2 edited this.


14 thoughts on “The Poll results are here! – This is also not a chapter

  1. 100 chapter prologue? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha—NO! That’s no longer a prologue at that point. That’s more like a first book. Don’t call it a prologue, it’s not one.

    A prologue is a chapter before the main story starts that is often there to explain some things, introduce a plot point, etc without involving the main characters too much. Using more than ONE chapter for a prologue is considered amateur and unnecessary, and here you are doing ONE HUNDRED. Most stories don’t even need a prologue, they’re often completely unnecessary and actually hurt the story if done wrong.

    What you’re doing is a prequel to the main story that you want to write, which is also unnecessary. My question to you is: Why not just write the story you want to write, why these hundred chapters beforehand?

    If you truly wanted to write the story after these hundred chapters then why not just start writing it with the contents of this “prologue” kept in mind while writing it. Maybe briefly mentioning some of the content you wanted to express in this “prologue” throughout the story through dialogue or rumours and history written in books. That way your story will be far more flexible in regard to what happens in the prologue, because the prologue hasn’t been written out or solidified, giving you much more freedom while writing.

    If you don’t want to do this or feel like you should write this “prologue” first, then even more why you shouldn’t call it a prologue. This means that the prologue is actually the main story you want to write while the “main story” is simply the sequel to the main story.


  2. Also, your synopsis is painfully vague, you’ve been TLing Chinese novels so much that you’re following Chinese prose. In which, it’s okay to be so vague that nobody knows wtf the story is about. In English, this is less acceptable, you’re supposed to at least hint at the plot somewhat while trying to avoid too many spoilers.


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