3 Chapters~~~~


My my my… what do we have here? Well me obv. M2t5 :P. You may be wondering what in gods name (PSHHH editor pun) made me publish 3 chapters? Well it was our brilliant *bats eyes* psuedo-head editors. Who manage individual series. I didn’t edit either JS or SW chapters because after one read through, I decided there wasn’t any work that needed to be done. So big thanks to Hydramon and Vanagandr, who edited Jiu Shen and Sheng Wang respectively.

Lots of claps. Anyways, my plans to travel are the same, so still only one chapter a week from me. Other than that, I have left a small cartoon reference in the KS chapter, if you can guess it, you will get one of M2t5’s coveted likes. (To get the like you must post the line + the intro to the cartoon). Search my minions! 😛

Big thanks to TaffyGirl13, GoodGuyPerson and Deceptioning for TLCing parts of Kuang Shen and Jiu Shen.

Also be prepared, I have been informed that Kuang Shen gets good at some point, and I think the beginning of the ‘good’ part is being foreshadowed this chapter. We shall see. (SPOILER START) Also God’s name is subject to change (SPOILER END). Highlight to view the spoiler (its for this chapter).

Wait, wait, wait… Where’s I (Demenious) and GX? You couldn’t have forgotten the translators, have you!? The great translators! 😛

Demenious here,

I’m here to thank our new translators Ash and Hadi that have translated SW and KS! And GX of course, that was the one who has translated JS and KS.

P.S I have this tiny plan to release a page a day, look forward!

GX: …Demen you are really a Demon…

Chapter links:

Kuang Shen

Jiu Shen

Sheng Wang


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