This is not a chapter!

Hi readers GX here,

As you can see we are still on break, I am here just to ask a question: Are you interested in reading a WN written by me? For those who are interested, it is a story about a dwarf adventuring through the world in order to find a cure for his children’s blindness and perhaps save the world from the Chaos and the Void.

The story was planned to start with a small prologue, But I couldn’t stop myself from writing more… So now the prologue is about 100 parts big with at least 10~15 pages per part. If you want to read it you may, and please give me some feedback. No matter, what I will learn from this experience.

If you are wondering about the novels we are translating, there is no need to worry, well we will still do it and on a regular basis when Demenious comes back. This story is a small private project of mine, luckly M2t5 and Demenious gave me their support. So I am ask you readers now, do you want read an amateur writer embarrassing himself with a (potentially boring?) story or not?

Demenious’s sneaky whisper: Psh it’s really interesting! Read it!

M2’s sneaky whisper: I never got around to editing this until now… Whoops T.T

I will do as you wish, if you don’t want me to post updates here, I will just write for me and the darktranslations team’s entertainment.

BTW I have zero selfconfidence about my writting, but I will try to do my utter most to get better.

cya GX

Trembling in the corner waiting for the results.

Demenious: Please give this guy some support! We will edit his story for him. 😀

M2t5: More work has been added to my plate *groans* I need more limbs! JKJK lol I’ll be happy to edit this if I get the time T.T +GX is a great guy support him! PS. I’ve edited this post now 😀


11 thoughts on “This is not a chapter!

    • All LN posted in this site has a very slow pace releases… You may not be getting or requiring financial support for your projects and say that you have the right to do releases at your own pace while disregarding the urges of your readers but this type of attitude is irresponsible and selfish.
      You have a thick face to conduct a survey when you can’t even satisfy the expectations of your readers. Adding another LN that will always keep them hanging and disapointed. Are probably enjoying the miseries of your readers? Or your probably enjoying thier fake praises and thanks just for you not to drop the projects you startEd?

      Well, i’ll have to give you face for your hardwork. But tell you what, YOU WILL NEVER GET THE RESPECT AND ADMIRATION FROM MOST OF YOUR READERS. RWX is like heaven and your not even close to earth. It’s like comparing an ant to a human.
      Just drop your projects if they’re a pain for you to translate. Don’t introduce new projects that will will give a pseudo false hope to the readers.
      You want to improve your translation or writing skills? Go ceate a worpress that will not require a support from anyone else or better yet, make it private.


      • All comments made by people like you come few and far in between… You may not be generating enough hate, so you decide to come here and post more things and say you have the right to your own opinion while disregarding the urges of the owners of the translation group but this type of attitude is irresponsible and selfish.
        You have the thick face to post a comment where you can’t even thank your translators and editors. Adding another comment that generates more hate will just keep you hanging and dissapointed. Are you enjoying the hate you create? Or your probably enjoying the way people pay attention to you just because they don’t like you?

        Well I’ll have to give you face for your attempt. But let me tell you what, YOU WILL NEVER STOP US OR ANYONE ELSE FROM ENJOYING OURSELVES. Ordinary readers live in heaven, while you can’t even scratch the surface of the earth. Its like comparing a human to an ant.
        Just stop reading if it pains you so much to read. Don’t introduce new comments that will generate hate from everyone involved.
        You want to advise us? Go somewhere else, where people actually want your advise or better yet, learn how to talk.

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      • If you could please read the title of the poll carefully, GX did not ask if he’s allowed to write his wn in his free time, he asked if readers want to read the wn he’s been working on the entire time. Thus the poll. What you have commented was irrelevant.

        If you were complaining about the weekly releases which you have compared an ant to a human:
        Mangakas release their chapters weekly. Are they perhaps disregarding the urges of their readers while being irresponsible and selfish? Are they probably enjoying the miseries of their readers. Or probably enjoying the fake praises and thanks just for them to not drop the manga they started? Were you thinking when you wrote your comment? Or did you write it because you couldn’t wait for the next chapter?
        We are translating because we enjoy translating and we promised to release chapters weekly, if you feel hanged and disappointed then do the translation on your own and satisfy yourself. If you think the pace isn’t what you’d expect then come and edit for us.
        If you just hate the project or the author then please don’t come back again.
        We are doing what we love and we are not in the least bit obliged to listen to you, who did nothing to contribute yet complaining like kid who lacks love and attention. Have a nice day. Good bye.


  1. Well, dont know about hte dwarf thing, but sure lets give it a try, i mean it seems to have potential 😀

    So, show us your superior robot writing powers 😀


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