Half Kuang Shen Chapter

Hey guys, M2 here. I’m really busy these days. I’m leaving for a trip on the 15th and I gotta submit all my college apps before then. So my editing schedule is pretty cramped. So until I get back from my trip, we are probably looking at one chapter releases. We’ll see, but I think that is the best I can do.

Sorry about getting only a half chapter out, but then again that is the best I can do right now.


Half Chapter


10 thoughts on “Half Kuang Shen Chapter

  1. Hey m2 there seems to be a problem with your site. The link sents me to vol 1 chapter 6 Not volume 5 ch. 7 (or was it 6 dunno ^^ ). Even manually changing the URL will sent me to vol. 1 again. Dunno if thats just a problem with my phone or with your site. Or maybe I’m just too stupid lol :p . Anyways thanks in advance for the chapter. 😀


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