Hurray! Hurray, Demenious is back….

DE: I’m home~~~ My keyboard, my mouse, my screen!!

GX: what you are back? I thought it would take longer for you to get back from where I send you.

DE: It WAS heaven, I wish to go there again… Wait, no. I will still come back, don’t even dream about it!

GX: Well I think, I will need to send you even further away next time so you don’t have internet there.

DE: Internet is important! I, I need it for necromancy!

GX: OK, ok, anyway welcome Back my great, world renowned and unholy Head Translator.

Demenious: And welcome back too, my awesome, holy, godly, eye blinding and superb translator robot.

GX: You are flattering me too much. …Beep… All hail Demenious….Beep…

Demenious: Uh, I didn’t say anything…. nor hear anything *whistle*

GX: Anyway we are currently in time with our schedule I think, so take a deep breath and dive in to translate with me. It will be super fun.

Demenious: I can’t wait to tell the stories with you, and of course the editors!

GX: Yahoo! Stories of the adventure of the great demenious!

M2: MWAHAHAHAHA 😀 hi guys

DE: Pff, do you have to  appear like this every time!? Scared the hell out of me man.

GX:….beep… Error…btzz unable to apply to the current situation….Btzz..

M2: I went on a brief trip to find food editors.

Demenious: Welcome back, thanks for bringing along the sacrifices editors.

GX: Welcome back. Oh btw do you have something for us and the readers?

DE: Yeah, I found something interesting look here it is a part of the new chapter and a mini robot. I wonder why it was there.

GX: Good you found that thing i was searching for it the whole time but is it with you? Well since we have them back, it is all good.

DE: So… Where do we hide the ch-

GX: Shhhhh…

GX here, as you readers can see the praised Demenious is now back. We will be back to our schedule soon, after he has settled his sleeping habit. Have fun finding the leak.


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