Hello everyone, as you know I’m going to Spain or I might have already reached there when you see this. I received lots of warm welcomes from the readers from Spain and Portugal in my previous post and one of them told me that I could abuse my readers sshh, so I will. 😛

I will be going to Lisbon, Badajoz, Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Toledo, Madrid and Barcelona.

Can you please recommend some brands, products, food etc? Er… Local specialities? I will deeply appreciate them. Gracias!

Lumi Nari sneaks around…hsss~~~

(Lumi told me that readers know everything :P)

As a token of appreciation here’s a tad bit of Kuang Shen chapter 6, enjoy~

The day passed very quickly, and once again, it was late at night. All of the escorts had gathered in my room.

I lowered my voice and said, “The task we must accomplish tonight is very dangerous, so all of you must follow my orders. If we make a mistake, we could be completely wiped out.”

The escorts nodded resolutely and Wolf said, “Young master, please give your orders.”

I swept my eyes across them as I said, “Tonight our target is in Woer mountain, 30 miles to the west. There is a werewolf organization there, remember our goal is not to exterminate them but to tame them. There shall be no killing without my orders. Let’s go, there isn’t much time.”

All of them speedily changed into black nocturnal clothes, and grabbed their weapons. Although there were 20 people, no sound was made. Within moments the village was left behind.

A fit of mist drifted over, and my clothes started to become a little moist, but it did not affect our speed in the slightest. Taking advantage of the dim light of night, we rapidly headed to the west.

After using chi to dash for four hours, an uninterrupted mountain range appeared before us. Halthing, Wolf asked, “Young master, there are so many mountains here, which is the right one?”

I raised my head and looked at the mountains: I could only see hills connecting one another, extending forever into the distance. For a short while I could not see clearly how high the mountain was.

After indecisively muttering to myself, I said, “Let’s walk towards the inside; since the God of werewolves lives here, there should be guards. That way, as long as we run into a guard, I will have a way.”

Thus, we headed in at high-speed, trying our best to catch the attention of a guard. After climbing over a small hill, it was already deep into the night. The moon had grown pale and the light started to dwindle. We were no longer able to distinguish directions.

“Everyone may rest for a while.” Right at this moment, rustling noises came to my ears: these were not the sound of the rustling tree leaves, it was the friction with the ground when people were advancing. Although the opponents were already very careful, they didn’t escape my sharp hearing.

In order to let the them discover me more easily, I loudly roared, “Who goes there?”

The tranquil late night was broken by my bellow, echos kept coming back from between the mountains, “Who goes there, who goes there, who goes there, who, goes there, who goes there……”

Suddenly, the dark forest brightened and the whole area was lit up as if it was daytime. Due to the abrupt change of light, we weren’t able to take it for a moment and simultaneously narrowed our eyes.

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27 thoughts on “WHAT ARE THE MUST-BUY and MUST-EAT?

  1. I’m from Portugal so idk the best places to eat in Spain, but if you can get a place that makes a good paella then try it. It’s my favourite dish so I might be biased tho XD

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  2. -Something that’s really tasty is presunto made with Iberian Black Pig (the price is usually more than twice normal presunto). This is something you can find in both Spain and Portugal.
    -As for a portuguese local speciality it would be the Pastel de Nata, Jerónimos Monastery in Lisbon is a popular choice for Pastel de Nata. This is a definitely a must eat!
    -In autumn around november you can also get a taste of chestnuts which is very common in Portugal because of Magusto.
    -Another common portuguese food would be the Bifana.
    -Francesinha is also a good choice in Portugal, though it’s origin is in Porto rather than Lisbon.
    -Also Ovos Moles is something you can find in Portugal.

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  3. Well, welcome then. I’m from Barcelona, by the way. So, let’s talk about what to do/buy/eat.
    First, in this city there’s nothing “local” to buy. Maybe you can find specialities of the region (specialities form nearby towns), however its quality is not assured. For sightseeing, I recommend what is written in the tourist guides, specially if you’re only staying 1-2 days. If you’re staying more, please say it, beacuse then you can visit thing off the beaten track. Sagrada familia, and other Gaudí buildings (pedrera, parc Güell, casa Batlló, Casa Milà), Cathedral (it’s not the most spectacular cathedral in Spain, though), Palau de la música (the concert hall), Camp nou is you like soccer (it’s a bit old, they are going to build a new one in a few years) a walk near the docks, some museums to visit for cultural purposes (Picasso museum, MNAC), Born neighborhood (with the jewesh part (call jueu)), a market called Boqueria (you can find almost everything), Marina street for night entertainment (different kinds of discos and pubs, so you can choose what you prefer).

    So, let’s talk about food. Paella is from Valencia. Sadly, you won’t go there, so you’ll have to try it in Barcelona. It’s the most turistic city in Spain, so you’ll find it everywhere. However, in most cases in won’t be good. And neither cheap. Never if posible eat near Plaza Catalunya. The restaurants are horrible. Depending of your budget I can recommend some places, so if you want specify. Also, don’t buy ham in Barcelona, in Badajoz is much better.

    More food, Catalonian (Barcelonas’ region) specialities:
    Bread with garlic, tomato, oil, salt and pepper (pa am tomáquet) [seriously], allioli (sauce with garlic and oil (and egg too) for meat and paella), Butifara (a big sausage ¬¬) and other special types of sausages, snails with various sauces, a pie called coca, escalivada (a salad made with pepper, and other vegetables), cod fritters, mushrooms (are widely eaten in Catalonia, and now is starting the season), a special onion (very big one, called Calçot) but only in december-february, esqueixada (cold cod with tomato, basically), cabagge with bacon (trinxat de la cerdanya), rabbit also.
    Well, now I don’t remember more. Don’t think that this is everywhere, some of them are a bit rare in Barcelona capital. For Gazpacho (typical spanish tomato cold soup) in Sevilla, by the way.

    PS: I don’t hold any reponsabilities nor moral or legal liabilities with the use of the infomation I give.

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  4. While in Lisbon if you like sweets, then going to Belém and eating a “Pastel de Belém” is a must. In fact almost all conventual sweets are amazingly good. Apart from that…. Well our cuisine is pretty good so take your pick. Just one advice, keep way from “Cozido à Portuguesa” since it requires quite a strong stomach. Anyway, Hope you like Portugal… and Spain. 😉

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  5. Tapas are pretty good for eating. Make sure you take a walk around after dark especially in Madrid and Barcelona. Not too late of course, and don’t go anywhere shady, but the cities at night are really great.

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  6. Well here in Madrid you can fin pretty much any kind of food so you have a gran variety of choices.
    But if you come to Spain then it is a must to try the dry-cured ham(Raw air dried ham,yup and its tasty)Also there’s a huge variety of dried sausages called chorrizo, if you like beans then try the famous “fabada asturiana” also tripe dishes are pretty good(the cow’s stomach[it is processed first] cooked in a stew ) and maybe try the garlic soup.
    If you want to eat something lighter try the “crashed eggs”(eggs, air dried ham and fries),these foods are quite popular here in Madrid.
    Have fun and enjoy your trip


  7. Well tomorrow is the last day of my neighbourhoods annually fair, if you want to check it out then the closest subway to this fair is called “La elipa” (red line called linea 2)

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  8. Forma tradicional Madrid food, go to any of the small collages around Madrid, and try some “Cocido madrileño” and ” ropa vieja”. Those are tradicional por foods of the región, although are more used in winter.

    On top of that try bar snacks or tapas in spanish. You will find an awesone variety. Snails coojed on diferentes ways, roasted por ear, spanish omelett, an awesone croquette and sausages variety… If you can go to an “asador”, aa hot coal spexialiced restoran

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  9. Sorry, it seems the dictionary has distorted some words in my last message, leaving it somewhat unreadable… So I will copy here a corrected versión.

    For a traditional Madrid food, go to any of the small villages around the capital and try some “Cocido madrileño” and ” ropa vieja”, or garlic soup. Those are tradicional pot meals of the región, although more used in winter. With a little luck you will also find “ajoblanco” (white garlic) and “morteruelo”, albeit you will find those more easily in Toledo.

    On top of that try bar snacks (or tapas in spanish). You will find an awesone variety. Snails cooked on diferentes ways, roasted pork ear, “callos a la madrileña” or “gallinejas” are tipical dishes only disposable for those without qualms on food ingredients ;). You also have spanish omelett, brave potatos, an awesone croquette and sausages variety, smashed eggs, “soldaditos de pavia” ( a fried meat dish), prawns with garlic… And the tapas offered vary greatly from one place to the next. If you can go to an “asador”, a hot coal specialiced restaurant, take some ox stone cooked meat, or a Roast suckling pig ( albeit those ones ares find more easily find around Toledo, even then need to be ordered in advance ).

    If you can only take one in Madrid, go for the complete” Cocido madrileño”. It will be served in two/three dishes, being the first a soup.

    If you are fond of confectionery, go visit some lugar ridden shops, like La Mallorquina (in Puerta del Sol), Casa Mira (almond bases desserts), Horno de San Onofre…
    Nice trip!

    By the way, albeit I travel a lot, I live in Castellón.

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    • Thanks, this is much clearer! And the English translations helped 😛 I’ll walk around Mandrid today, hopefully I can try all of them!


  10. Uff, writing from a mobile generates more mishaps than expected.

    The last adress is from the ” malacatin” restaurant, a place specialiced in “cocido madrileño”. “La bola”, at street La bola n°5, or El Chamizo, San Vicente Ferrer street number 22, on wednesday at low budget, are similar places.


  11. If you are near “Arguelles” zone, there is a bar called “casa Paco” in Altamirano street quite famous where I go with the people of my master. Here there are potatoes omelette with a lot more things. It’s quite good to try some for lunch. I actually now some japanese, mexican or fast food restaurants in this zone but that’s not too much spanish xD. If the day is hot, you can try “gazpacho”, which is a kind of tomato, cucumber and (sometimes) onion soup with oil and vinegar tipical of the south here (although I have try it all around spain, in Madrid or Sevilla is quite easy to find in restaurants)

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