Possible two weeks break.

Demenious here,

I’ll be travelling to Spain for about 2 weeks (11 days) starting from next Monday. So there will be a break, for either one week or two weeks.

I’ll try my best to translate on mobile whenever there’s internet but I’ll never know. Let’s hope that the hotels in Spain provide wi-fi! It is my rare vacation and I hope to relax and enjoy during the journey so please understand 🙂

Well the good news is, GX will be able translate while I’m gone and m2t5 can now take his time to edit the pre-translated chapters (no more excuse! 😛 )


19 thoughts on “Possible two weeks break.

  1. Have a nice holiday, remember bring a umbrela if you are in the valencia zone, the last days we have a bad weather, today seems the sun will stay all the day but you never kwons.


  2. if i was going to spain for two weeks, i’d wouldn’t even consider spending my time translating, unless of course your stuck inside due to bad weather. enjoy the break, i’m sure we can wait a couple of weeks.


  3. Have a nice break mate. No need to worry about translating, let the readers have a break as well in order to better enjoy the story.

    Btw if you are going to Spain consider passing one or two days in Portugal, you’ll probably enjoy our sun ^_^

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  4. Have a nice holiday in my country! I’ll be in Madrid, studing de 2nd year of my master (civil engineering xD). Although almost all the hotels and restaurats have WiFi here, don’t worry too much about it and enjoy the trip!

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  5. If you like gastronómical trips I would recommend you to move a bit around. Only half an hour travel and you will be rewarded with a new whole world of delicious specialities! Have a nice trip and leave the computer alone, you hace more than earned it pal. And if you need guides abuse us your spanish readers a little… We can lend you a hand for a change ;).


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