Demnious is ILL?!? Help is the world going to end!?!

Hey, this is Demenious. I’ve fallen sick last week and I wasn’t able to publish the bonus chapter that I promised. Thanks to GX, some of you might have found the leak 😛 Thanks buddy~

As of now, I have more time as I’m still recovering. I originally planned to take another week break but I think I can still manage some how. I’ve used all my free time to translate and I usually do so past midnight (Is that why I fell sick!?)

But wait, GX will take care of everything about translating as I recover. He’s a great guy *tear* And so it’s unlikely that we will have another break, hurray 😀

Lastly, we are still lacking editors. As you can see, chapters are translated but due to lack of edits m2 doesn’t want them published. And I agree with m2.

If you’re interested in helping us out please leave a comment!

GX here, don’t know what to say so i will just troll you readers… I still haven’t caught the mini bot I built and it seems, that it developed a taste for the translated texts so there will be likely another leak some time soon….. 😛

Demenious: Thanks for all the support! Readers are my largest motivation 🙂


11 thoughts on “Demnious is ILL?!? Help is the world going to end!?!

  1. Demenious your health is important make sure you have a proper rest. Kuang Shen chapter is important but your health is more important. Keep up the good work guys.

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  2. Got tons of free time from next week, so will be willing to help. though can’t promise anything long term, since life is all unpredictable and stuff.

    Also thanks for the translation, really enjoy this series amongst the many that I read !


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