Double Release! Two Kuang Shen Chapters!

Hey Guys, M2t5 here, I’m on a trip so I’m going to keep this short. After some deliberation by myself I decided to release two chapters today, one of which is primarily unedited. I have fully edited Volume 4 Chapter 2. (I know, M2t5 editing a KS chapter? What is happening?) 😛 but I haven’t touched chapter 3.


There will be no links to the unedited chapter, but if you can figure out our URL system, its pretty easy to find the page. I’m doing this so that I don’t promote reading unedited chapters, but you can still find it if Volume 4 Chapter 2 has a huge cliffhanger (which I don’t think it does… but then again I could be wrong). I will also hopefully re-release Chapter 3 next week or earlier, fully edited.

If someone wants to do my Reddit post… That would be great~!

So link to Volume 4 Chapter 2


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