Demenious: Hm? What’s the noise?…

GX: Demenious stay back from the sink, the sound is coming from the wall….

Demenious: Huh? Why?

GX: let me check….Beep… searching…..

Demenious: Tsu-tsunami!?

GX: No. yes. The tsunami of 500 followers.

Demenious: It’s leaking!

Good luck in your hunt.

Hello this is Demenious ← head of the project. This is a little fun after having hit 500 followers! Thanks for all the support!

GX ← the troll following Demenious here, big thanks for your supports yehe we hit 500. \o/  ♪└[∵┌] ♪ └[ ∵ ]┘♪ [┐∵]┘♪

GX: You wanna dance too?

Demenious: Probably….

♪ ┏( •.• )┛ ♪ ┗ ( •.•)┛ ♪ ┗ ( •.• ) ┓ ♪ └[∵┌] ♪ └[ ∵ ]┘♪ [┐∵]┘♪

[hint for password, the answer is in this post.]

[2. hint don’t think too complicatedly]


25 thoughts on “Crack…..crack……

  1. man i clicked on every char in this post and still didn’t find it, i first thought it would be sink then 500 then follower then wall, afterward i just started clicking randomly


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