New Kuang Shen and Jiu Shen(Bacchus) Chapter Released!

Hey guys, M2t5 here! I am pleased to announce two releases this Sunday, along with the release of Lord Xue Ying(Snow Eagle Lord) yesterday. That is three chapters this  week! O.o It was all possible to the extra editors who signed up last week along with some excellent work done by Demenious and GX. So please thank them! (And maybe this little zombie if you wish :P) So yeah, exciting news in case you didn’t catch it yesterday. We are collaborating with Radiant Translations on Lord Xue Ying, the first two chapters are available on both sites, and we will both carry all the chapters.

For all those of you who have given up hope on Rakuin no Monshou, we have finally gotten into contact with the previous translator, Detalz, and we are starting the collaberation. (I had a communication mix-up) The chapters are super long, so I don’t know long the releases will take. But currently the old translator has a few chapters stored up that just need a little PR’ing… So check your Baka-tsuki pages in the near future!
As always, we welcome any new editors and translators who wish to sign up. A recruitment page is in the process of being made.

Another CN chapter has been released today, Rejoice all thou CN readers, for thy god, It, has been converting them. (more may come soon, I’m really lazy and making pages takes a long time T.T). Rest assured, I will try to post the pages in the next few days.

Hey guys, guess what? We are almost at 1 million views for Dark Translations. O.o… We started up 3-4 months ago, and with weekly releases we have steadily built up our view count. Thank you all~~. But here is something… We are also on our 25th chapter of Kuang Shen… You know what would be really cool?  getting 1million views on our 25th chapter. That is right. So in the next day, if you help us reach 1million views (42k views away) I may just release (at least) one chapter of every series we have taken part of (except RnM… that isn’t my decision) next Sunday, plus a couple of CN chapters… So start f5’ing people… lets hit 1 million!

This is Demenious, I’d always missed the post due to time-zone :L Anyway I’d like thank all the editors who have put the hard work on this chapter! And yes, what m2t5 said is true! All series in one day, pretty cool isn’t it? Spread the word!

Also please thank GX, the new translator for making these possible! Thank you! And zombie, you too!

Enjoy the Chapters

Link to Jiu Shen Chapter

Link to Kuang Shen chapter


14 thoughts on “New Kuang Shen and Jiu Shen(Bacchus) Chapter Released!

  1. YOU GUYS ARE SERIOUSLY DOING RAKUIN NO MONSHOU!!!!!!!! OHMFG HYPE!!!!!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR SOMEONE TO CONTINUE THAT ;_; sorry for the caps too excited I love that LN but only 2 volumes were translated


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