Water flowing… Drip….Drip….

Demenious: Uhhh…. What is this familiar sound? Is m2’s dinner arriving?

GX: No M2 is having his dinner right now, don’t ask me who else is there…… I think your dark magic broke the pipe again demen……Beep…..Start searching……Beep….

Boon: (silent as a grave)

Demenious: ^ who is this? It feels creepy having such silent…

GX: don’t mind him he is the Sage…..bzzzt… source unknown. Demen i can’t find the source…

Demenious: what? This never happened!?

Good luck in your hunt for the leak

Boon: “Wise man say: Man who not poop for many days must take care of back log”

Demenious: “The sage has spoken.”


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