Hello this is Demenious, I have been making changes here and there after receiving comments but after reading the early chapters I’ve noticed some major ‘mistakes’, well those aren’t exactly mistakes but rather some translation issues.

  1. I will not edit everything becasue I need to work on the future translations with the little time I have.
  2. Therefore, changes will be noted on top of the chapters until my editors fixed it.
  3. So far, I’ve only gone through a part of Volume 1 chapter 7.
  4. I did not have the time to read all the chapters but I believe these should be the only changes.
  5. I will continue to edit to provide better reading experience to new readers. Cheers~


  • Secrets of Fury Shift has been changed to Mad God Arts
  • Fury Shift is Berserk; Beastal Awakening is Berserk
  • Also Berserk is NOT Mad God, do not be confused. Mad God Arts is a type of training specifically for Berserkers.
  • Info: Mad God Arts is also known as Tyrant Emperor Art (as translated)
  • Mad God Arts could be also translated as Secrets of Mad God
  • The reason I used ‘Arts’ is becasue of how Demonic Arts was translated, instead of Secrets of Heavenly Demon or etc 😛

So that’s about it for now. I will talk to M2 and will inform you if there are more changes that should be made.

If you felt that something wasn’t right or there is something you did not understand regarding the changes, leave a comment below. I will do what I can.


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