Volume 2 Chapter 7 Published!

Demenious here, releasing 2 chapters a week was after all a little too much for me translate alone (note that there are 5000~ a ch) Not only that, it also burdened my editors. So bonus chapters will be unlikely in the future unless we are going to celebrate like what we just did about 3.3k viewers! Watch out for leaks!

For a better reading experience, I have taken the advice of not putting any notes at all during my translation. (Well, not including my editors, 😉 you can tell them about it.) However, I’ll still note down some factual information that the readers might want to know. If you’re still unhappy about any form of notes being inserted into the chapter, do leave a comment below and I’ll put the notes up here so you can read them before reading the chapter in the future.

That aside, I’d like to thank my editors!! And also those others that drifted into my TL’ion 😛 *clap* *clap* good work!

And…. I want to thank those who have voted for Demenious!!! 43 votes?! WOW. 0.0 (I’m still rooting for it!)

Hey M2t5 here, just to repeat what demenious said, I’ll be removing all editor notes that don’t pertain to content from the chapter. Next week will be pretty busy for me and Demenious, I have my finals starting and some Subject tests, while Demenious has a trip to an exotic land :P. So what does our weekly schedule mean to you? Well that means that there won’t be a chapter next week. (Sorry!) Unless there are some major changes in the voter line-up, the sword-name will stay Black Sable. (I was personally gunning for Demenious..but oh well).

I have also received some complaints that the early chapters (the ones before I joined :P) are very ‘rough’ and that they should be re-edited. While I know that this can be a problem for those of you starting the series, I don’t have any immediate plans for editing those chapters. I have a tight schedule, and editing one KS chapter and maybe a side chapter once in a while is pretty much all I can manage at this point. Already with the bonus chapter I have spent around 14 hrs editing this week. I’m still glad to have done the chapter, but it really stretched my time schedule.

This chapter was TL’ed by: Demenious (with some stray TaffyGirl13’s and Deceptioning’s) This chapter was Edited by: Rend_Forge, Vaticious, Laifu, and M2t5

And…. here’s the chapter, enjoy~


5 thoughts on “Volume 2 Chapter 7 Published!

    • O.o didn’t I say in this post that there wouldn’t be a chapter last week? I will repeat though… T.T The chapter release will be next Sunday, we were busy last week didn’t translate/edit the chapter for last week. Sorry~


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