V2c12 – II : The skills of the two Monarchs

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Translators: Raltzero, and a little by ash
TLC : Ash, Miki
Editors: Los Thanatos, Narutokurosaki, Vanagandr

The hand with the black flame clawed at Liu Jun’s right shoulder, leaving a long wound, that extended towards the left side of his ribcage. The black flame appeared to be viscous, as it completely infected Liu Jun’s body. It didn’t matter that the wound was small that insidious black flame was a terrifying existence.

Liu Jun felt as though his entire body had been paralysed. An aura of gloom and coldness had seeped into his body from that minor wound. And unfortunately, he felt the agony from the burn, it felt as if all the organs in his body had combusted. Even though he himself was a Ding-fire element Wizard, this ‘claw’ that grabbed him had scared him out of his wits.

This was because, Liu Jun himself being a Ding-fire Wizard, was especially clear on what he had felt when that ‘claw’ had struck him. That pure and peerless yin flame suppressed his own Ding-fire, thus making it impossible for him to resist. In this situation where both flames were of the yin category, the black flame’s ability to consume fire completely affected Liu Jun’s body. Not only did it immediately split open his protective shield made from Ding-fire magic power, it had also frantically drilled into his body.

*Bang!* the golden colored fire shield ruptured and turned into numerous glowing particles that dispersed into the air and whilst that black flame ‘claw’ was bearing down on him, Liu Jun simply had no means of replenishing that fire shield with his magic power.

The glorious golden-colored fist appeared in front of Liu Jun’s eyes, that half-second of paralysis had now caused him to be in a mortal situation and Liu Jun simply couldn’t resist with his magic power.

That black flame flickering claw was not something that Ji Dong had used randomly, but it was another standard skill. It was the first skill from the memories of the gloomy flame devil king — Dark Moon Claw.

The Bite of the Scorching Sun and the Dark Moon Claw are the two standard skills that Ji Dong had been practising diligently for the past two months. They both had a common trait: when being used, all of the magic power within the body would be utilized. When the move was executed in one go, all the magic power in Ji Dong would be condensed to the highest degree. Ji Dong knew that if these two skills were only considered to be standard skills, then they were certainly of the highest level of all standard skills.

Previously, when Ji Dong’s all-out punch with the Bite of the Scorching Sun had bombarded the defensive flame shield of Liu Jun, the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Flame had not only suppressed Liu Jun’s Ding-fire but it also instantly burned the magic power he used to form the shield.

When Ji Dong was practising these two skills, so as to achieve the best result, he had trained to alternatively release each of these skills, therefore he had subconsciously used his left hand to utilise the Dark Moon Claw skill. And the result was something he had never expected. When he brought the Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Flame in contact with the defensive magic power shield which was burning with the Bing-Wu-Yuan-Yang-Sacred-Flame, promptly a change occurred.

Like that time when Ji Dong had condensed his Yin-Yang Crown, the two flames abruptly collided and this sudden collision produced an intense explosive force. The intensity of this explosion far exceeded the defense of Ji Dong’s magic power. When the claw pierced through the shield, it directly grabbed Liu Jun’s body. And because of the suddenness of this claw, Liu Jun, who had wised up to reality, found it too late to resist.

And compared to the Bite of the Scorching Sun which was fierce and too strong, not only was the Dark Moon Claw gentle and vicious, but its speed was also incomparably rapid. That 0.5s of paralysis was just one of the effects of the Dark Moon Claw.

Ji Dong would not let this kind of an opportunity pass by, and when the shield lost Liu Jun’s support and ruptured, he followed up with a punch using the Bite of the Scorching Sun. This punch was focused on the same location where the Dark Moon Claw had previously slashed out a long scar on Liu Jun’s body. After the previous situation, Ji Dong had been vaguely aware of the relationship between his two flames. Coupled with the guidance Lie Yan had given him, this punch combination could be said to have been perfected.

Despite the fact that this punch made Ji Dong overdraft his magic power, when he bombarded Liu Jun’s body with his golden colored punches, a mind blowing scenario occurred.

On Liu Jun’s body, as if fireworks had been burst, golden and black flame sparks swirled in the air. Suddenly the two different colored flames erupted from within his body, and his chest region looked like a bomb had exploded. But the strange thing was, Liu Jing’s body had not been blown apart by Ji Dong’s attack; instead, his entire person moved back half a meter as if there was an external force pulling him back.

This was not the result of Liu Jun resisting the attack on his own, but Bite of the Scorching Sun’s effect. When the Bite of the Scorching Sun was issued, it was not only powerful and strong, but it also carried an attraction force with it, making the opponent unable to be blown away from the attack.

With a noise that sounded like *Bang! thump!*, the first to fall was not Liu Jun, but Ji Dong who was blasted away by his own punch. Under the enormous pressure, his former strikes could be said to have been on a level above his standard display of power, thus he had completely overdrawn his magic power. Although both Bites of the Scorching Sun and Dark Moon Claw were advanced standard skills Ji Dong using them continuously without pausing, had surpassed his limits and at this point his body finally collapsed. He had previously been injured by Liu Jun’s attack, and now that he had fully overexerted his body he spat out a mouthful of blood.

However, Liu Jun’s situation was even worse. He was standing there with his whole body wrapped in two different colored flames, the golden flame disappeared after the eruption, but the black Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Flame accompanying the explosion from before still completely covered his body. On Liu Jun’s chest, there was a large scar, one could distinctly make out a golden and black color within.

*Poof!* Liu Jun fell to his knees and the next moment, his body heavily fell next to Jin Dong’s body.

“Did I kill him?” This was Ji Dong’s first question, but at this time he had no strength to even get up, making it impossible for him to judge whether Liu Jun was dead or alive; he could only watch as the black flame became more and more intense.

With his right hand barely touching his left chest area, in the midst of his consciousness becoming fuzzy, Ji Dong called out the two characters that he was most familiar with and longed for, “Lie Yan.”

Previously when he had just seen Liu Jun, it wasn’t that Ji Dong didn’t think of calling out to Lie Yan to escape, but to invoke the Red Lotus to begin the teleportation, at least a period of 10 breaths was required. Liu Jun would not helplessly watch as the Red Lotus appeared and teleported him away. Now that he had finally defeated Liu Jun, regardless of whether Liu Jun died or not, Ji Dong didn’t have enough strength to fight again, and so he could only take this opportunity to call out the incantation.

Each petal of the red lotus brought with it warmth and hope. While his consciousness was fading, Ji Dong only felt that his body was being wrapped up in a warm current and in the next moment, he blanked out.

Liu Jun couldn’t stop Ji Dong from disappearing because when his body had collapsed, he had already stopped breathing. As he had been caught off guard the Dark Moon Claw with Ding-Si-Ming-Yin-Spirit-Flame temporarily suppressed his magic power and due to his recent use of his flame shield his magic power was empty. Under these circumstances, when the Bite of the Scorching Sun hit him on top of the Dark Moon Claw’s black flame, the effect of these two ultimate flames was an explosion, causing it to rise to at least the level of a direct-hit skill. This was a benefit of Ji Dong being a double attributed Wizard as said by Lie Yan, being able to combine skills. One plus one was absolutely greater than two when a Yin-Yang Wizard used a combination skill, not to mention the combining of two such ultimate flames.

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