A fraction of a new mad god chapter!

Hi Guys,

Here is a new chapter-part of MadGod.

Please enjoy, V7C4 part1 .

This chapter is again dedicated to: ShadowMare, Emil Söderström and Tom Trinh! Thanks guys, for helping me revive Mad God!




20 thoughts on “A fraction of a new mad god chapter!

  1. I’m really bummed there haven’t been any releases in a while. I’m really enjoying this so far and I’m thankful for all the hard work the translators are putting in!


  2. Do they ever plan to post another chapter, it’s coming on three months now and that other chunk of the chapter has yet to be posted, well they haven’t posted anything at all for awhile now


  3. Thank you for releasing a few updates. I really enjoy reading this novel, and would like to see it have consistent releases.


  4. Seriously it’s been this long and you guys haven’t posted anything on anything no hey we can’t get releases out for awhile or we’re dropping it just nothing and god translators just pick it up already it’s been what six months now


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