1 Chapter (SW)

Hey guys, one chapter for this week. Sorry.

Right now my plans are to continue editing the latest chapters. If I have some free time, I may go back and edit the unedited chapters some more. Unfortunately, I have been getting home pretty late recently (6:30 -7:00 pm) and I haven’t really been able to do much editing besides my Sundays.

Sheng Wang

(I’m sure I got the right link… feel free to damn me to 1 million years of suffering if I didn’t…) (not really, but you get the point :P)


6 thoughts on “1 Chapter (SW)

    • We are currently working as hard as we can on a weekly basis. The only thing that may improve our speed is additional translators for other series. I may set up a donation bar for SW soon, and all the proceeds to that will go to Ash the translator, so that may motivate her to do a little more :).


  1. it don’t matter to me how fast you put them out since ive gotten a job my reading pace has slowed down considerably I have a ton of chapters that I need to read and since I read on my phone on my breaks a lot and cant comment my thanks for the chapter just know lordcattank appurrciacts all the chapters .thank you very much for the chapter


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