Kuang Shen Volume 4 Chapter 6 released!

Hey all, M2t5 here. Hope you guys are enjoying the end of your summer. (I’m back at school T.T… College apps why… T.T) So this chapter is a bit shorter than they normally have been, only 12 pages compared to our usual 14-17. (We were all crying with joy). Anyways plans for the next week… I’m working on Sheng Wang, (I know there hasn’t been an update in forever) Also GX is working on Jiu Shen. So if all things go well, we may just have 2 chapters released next week. KS volume 4 Chapter 7 hasn’t been translated yet, but it may happen if GX happens to feel like becoming a superhuman/machine :P.


Also if you are interested in becoming part of the team, please apply through our recruitment page. It has all you need to know about editing/translating. Its super easy.


Hmm its been a while since I’ve produced a skit… It may happen next week.


Keep giving Demenious recomendations for food!


I don’t know what else to put chiwawa?. (Don’t mind the random ramblings of the brain eating zombie…)


I found this chapter to be pretty amusing, look forward to it!

Here it is!


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