Volume 2 Chapter 9 released!

Hi guys M2 here, and I have a new chapter post, but first I have to get through some important stuff.

Donations, that is right! We are now accepting Donations. To be more specific you are donating to Demenious (I made the executive decisions

that editors don’t get paid :P). Here is demenious’s explanation on how Donations will work:

Hello! This is Demenious. For various reasons, i have decided to make a donation page. I do not receive payments for doing this so if you’d like to show your support you may donate. 🙂

If the number of people who donates reach a certain amount, to celebrate that we will release a bonus chapter! Wait, number of people? O.o Yes! So every of your donation makes a difference! We don’t release bonus chapter unless we are celebrating about something.

However small the amount donated will be fully appreciated 🙂 please don’t feel shy about it. It will motivate me to present more Kuang Shen chapters regardless!

It would be a bliss to see that you are showing support in what I do. Cheers.

Please note that currently it will not be possible for us to do more than one bonus chapter a week.

We also are looking for Translators! please apply we are chill people~~~~~!

Hello, Demenious here. I’d like to let you know that releasing bonus chapter will not happen unless you support! And I’d like to thank those who have supported, thanks~

And just to repeat what M2 has said, we are looking for translators but at the same time we need active editors. I’ve always translated a chapter ahead but there’s no one to edit and therefore we cannot publish it. So if you are interested in joining just leave a comment below.

Don’t forget to thank all the editors who edited this chapter! Thanks for your hard work~

Anyways here is your chapter!


22 thoughts on “Volume 2 Chapter 9 released!

  1. Greatly appreciate what you guys do. This story is supreme. Please continue! 🙂
    I’m low on cash right now, but i might donate in the future..


  2. I would love to try helping with editing! I really enjoy this LN and I have also noticed a few mistakes that need to be corrected…


  3. Hi guys, I’m already an editor on gravity translations, I can surely handle an extra novel 🙂 I edit every one or two days. Contact me if you want, I’ll gladly help because I love this story 🙂


  4. I just read up to here from the first chapter….. And I must say, I cursed ‘WTF!’ at my ipad dozens of times as I read this…. yet still I didn’t stop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • editors rephrase the sentences making them smoother and readable. These include word choice, grammar, comma etc. If you are still interested we would love to have you join us 🙂


  5. Hey i allready postedf at the staff page but i will leave it here as well. I’d love to help editing so if there is still a need for a helping hand pls email me asap! Even though im pretty new, i think i could still do a very decent job with a cpl of pointers from my seniors 🙂
    Lots of Love for your work.


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