Volume 2 Chapter 6 published!

Wait, what is this…? A midweek post? Is this real??? Am I not dreaming…? Please don’t be on Hiatus again…

Hey guys, Demenious here and guess what? BONUS CHAPTER!  Due to M2’s promise we will be releasing two chapters this week! Anyway, after translating for the first time, I really felt the need to thank my editors (which I haven’t) for making these chapters so smooth and exciting to read. If they didn’t help, double chapters a week will not be possible! (I was able rush through the translations by giving m2 some rough pieces… shhh) So please thank them wholeheartedly and welcome our new editor- Laifu!! I’m really excited about having my own site.  Tell us what you think about it and leave a comment below!

Hi guys M2t5 here once again, with a pretty new website :D. As you may have guessed, this Monday (5/25) you guys hit 3.3k views on Itranslateln. O.o WOW! (tbh I didn’t think you guys could do it… note to self, never underestimate the power of a chapter…)

AHAHA… But first, some announcements, the results of the poll were quite obvious, and they said to make a new website. So here it is… Please tell me what you think.

We are no longer Itranslateln, but darktranslations. I decided to change the name for a couple of reasons. First off, itranslateln was HurrayCats name, and without him there I kinda feel bad continuing on without him. Secondly I’m the only surviving member of the team… and lastly I felt it was a good time with the site change and everything.

We have a new editor! please welcome Laifu to darktranslations with lots of claps!

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Our current team:

TL’er: Demenious

Editors: M2t5, Alancer (Aya), Laifu

Please feel free to apply, all the positions are super chill~. (And who doesn’t like working on 5000 word chapters :P)

We will be posting chapters here, and on translationnations. What does that mean? well if you just want your quick KS chapter and don’t want to interact with your beautiful editor(s) and TL’er, then you should go to that site. That will be the no-nonsense give me my chapter site, (it has server cores to handle the traffic :P) I won’t criticize you for making that choice, as I do the same on multiple sites.  I won’t really look at the comments section of translationnations, nor will I reply to any of them. If you want to interact with me, come here :P. (’nuff said)

Without further ado… your chapter! Enjoy~!


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