Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Returning home

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Looking at the situation, Ye Qian slightly nodded his head. Although nothing will be exposed to the media, he was well aware that does not mean that the captain wouldn’t speak to the investigators of the national agency. This wasn’t the only thing for Ye Qian to worry about, after all, the cameras on the plane were destroyed by the four gangsters. They can’t determine his appearance based on the words of the passengers and captain alone, and trying to find him won’t be a simple matter.

Just outside the airport, he saw that one hundred and twenty ambulances and one hundred and ten police cars were parked outside the airport (this should be the car’s number), and he saw an old man being carried from the ground onto a stretcher by several nurses into a car. The old man was shrieking sounds of pain, and it was apparent that he had received heavy injuries. Looking at the old figure, Ye Qian smiled and paused. He felt a sense of deja vu. The police were questioning a fat man dressed in a suit. He felt as though he had already seen this successful looking man earlier. He received a very arrogant glance from the fat man as he spoke with the policeman, who then brought him into the police car.

Soon he heard the sound of people talking.

“Alas, the old man really has bad luck. It was pretty obvious that he had good intentions and picked up the fat man’s wallet just to return it back to him. It ended up that he became suspect of stealing the wallet and was then severely beaten. This year is hard for good people (to do good thing).”

“Yes, this year is when lives seem most worthless. The old man was just a garbage collector, and it is likely that he is going to die, and yet not one will seek justice for him. Look at what the fat man is wearing; isn’t that a famous brand? He is certainly a rich man, and the garbage collector should have just went home. It was all in vain to endure such a beating.”

Ye Qian slight frowned and stared as the fat man got into the police car, while Ye Qian stretched out his hand to call for a taxi that would take him home. If not for the police speaking to the fat man, Ye Qian would certainly have some hard lessons to teach him; however, now that the police had taken control of the situation, whether or not the man is convicted, it would be inconvenient for Ye Qian to interfere.

Along the road, Ye Qian mood fluctuated. He was like a child who wanted to go home, but was afraid to because of some guilt.

The car finally stopped, and Ye Qian looked out through the window. Eight years, and it seems little has changed, it is still a worn out shanty town and parasol trees were erect on both side of the broken road. It was rare to see such a car in this town.

Ye Qian tried to search for his memories of this house. The old house seemed more shabby now, and it seemed like it would collapse at any moment. The door was left wide open. Above were tiny couplets with words written in white, it was clearly the handwriting of an amateur; however, it was graceful and tender handwriting, like that from a girl’s hand.

Ye Qian took a deep breath. After years, he finally had the courage to go up to the old house. He knocked on the door, but no one seemed answered, and so Ye Qian went inside. There seemed to be no changes from the last eight years. All decorations were the same. A simple square stable and several benches sat peacefully inside the living room. On top of the table was a photo of an old man wearing shabby clothes and a kind smile with a group of youngster surrounding him. Ye Qian started to feel tears streaming down from his eyes. Men don’t cry easily, except when their heart is filled with grief.

From the kitchen, there were sounds of cooking, Ye Qian wiped his eyes full of tears and walked inside. He saw a girl about 16 to 17 years old busy in the kitchen, which surprised him. He then knocked on the door gently.

“Daddy” the young girl turned excitedly but saw an unfamiliar face. She couldn’t help but stare blankly at him and suddenly grew quiet. Looking at Ye Qian, she asked “Can I help you?”

Ye Qian glanced at the girl, a pure looking schoolgirl, plainly dressed, but this could not hide her beauty. “Is your father at home?” Ye Qian softly asked.

“Second… Second Brother?” The girl paused for a long time, finally remembering the photo her Dad left in front on the livingroom table. Although his childish appearance has faded, in its place was a mature and firm appearance. The girl had a deep impressions for the man because her father often spoke about him.

Ye Qian stared blankly. He initially thought the young girl wouldn’t know about him, and this was quite unexpected for him. However, giving it more thought, the old man could have mentioned him in front of her, plus there were photos of them together, so she would probably know about him. A burst of waves moved in the heart of Ye Qian, and he could not stop his own tears from streaming down. He realised at that moment that for eight years his father had been thinking worriedly about him.

In the end, the mercenary king, Ye Qian, consciously settled down his emotions. He slightly smiled and said: “Do you know me? Oh, what’s your name?”

“Han Xue!” the young girl crisply replied while measuring the person who her father often spoke about. The person in front of her would have had a refined face, and if not for the scar, he would have had a scholarly appearance. Daddy often mentioned that Ye Qian was quite mischievous, which was quite different from the disposition he seemed to be displaying.

“The old man? He isn’t home yet?” Ye Qian asked.

“He should be back soon, brother, you should sit down first and rest a bit.” Han Xue said as she poured a cup of tea for Ye Qian. “Thank you” said Ye Qian naturally as he received the cup. Although it has been eight years since he has returned home, this was still where he grew up, and proper courtesies were not easily forgotten.

Seeing that the old man had not yet returned, Ye Qian and Han Xue made themselves comfortable. Ye Qian then asked: “Is father healthy?”

Han Xue nodded and replied: “Father is strong, but he is getting older, he cannot endure work in every kind of weather.”

“Those bastard brothers of mine did not come to visit father?” Ye Qian brow slightly wrinkled, his face forming a scowl. Although they weren’t the biological children of the old man, he still raised them and was like a second parent to them..

Even a drop of water of help, I will repay him with a gushing fountain( I will use a whole gushing fountain to repay him), those guys are almost the same age as me I guess they also have job, they just left their father there, without any sense of conscience.

Had they helped by even just one drop, I would have repaid them with gushing fountains. Those guys are the same age as me, so they probably also have jobs, yet they just left their father without any sense of gratefulness.

“It isn’t their fault. Our elder brothers came back and have urged father to live with them in the past, but father took no heed. For him, there was nothing equivalent to this humble dog home.” Han Xue hurriedly sad.aid.

Ye Qian silently nodded his head, he knew what Han Xue said wasn’t wrong. Dad’s temper was quite stubborn, and once he has set his mind on something, even ten cows wouldn’t be able to change his mind. Ye Qian also did not believe that these group of youngsters were the type who would be so ungrateful.

Chapter 4: Father

Ye Qian, Han Xue, Eldest brother, and Third brother were all homeless orphans. If father had not accepted them in his home, they would have already starved on the streets. Father wasn’t a rich man, he was just a ragged old man who had to do harsh and demanding work in order to care for his family.

Lao Die is how these group of orphans addressed him. Ye Qian was quite fond of the old man from a young age, he wasn’t like the other children, who were usually quite rebellious. From a young age Ye Qian already understood how demanding it was for Lao Die to take care of them, so when he was finished with elementary school, he decided to drop out to help his father earn some extra money to support their family. However, eight years ago, he stabbed one of the three local gangster boss for his third brother, so he had no choice but to leave his home and hide to avoid getting killed.

It was two years ago that Han Xue was adopted by Lao Die. She used to live with her parents in a poor town, but they had died in a car accident. Lao Die feeling sympathy for her pitiful situation decided to adopt her. The little girl was quite sensible, and in school her grades were always among the best. Unlike other kids, she used her spare time to help her father recycle garbage at home.

An elderly man walks in and enters. With a panicked expression, he called out: “Xue, Xue, bad news, Old Yang was beaten up, he is now in the hospital.”

After he finished speaking, he started to pay attention that there was a stranger inside the house. Carefully glancing, he couldn’t seem to put a finger on where he had seen this stranger from.

Hearing that Lao Die was hospitalised, Ye Qian stood up with a cold expression, he looked at the elderly man, and asked: “Uncle Zhao, in which hospital is Lao Die”

Han Xue was already panicking, what would a little girl like her do, suddenly tears were running across her whole face. Looking helplessly at Ye Qian , she said: “Second brother, what do we do?”

Hearing what Han Xue said, Uncle Zhao seemed to recall, and to make sure he asked: “Are you Xiao Er?”

Ye Qian nodded and said: “ Yes, Uncle Zhao, I am Xiao Er. “ then he patted Han Xue, and said: “ Don’t be scared, your second brother is here, which hospital is Lao Die in?”

“Ren Min hospital” Uncle Zhao replied.

There wasn’t any time to give proper greetings, Ye Qian thanked him, and hurriedly went out with Han Xue. “ Second Brother, we only have a bit of money, is this enough? Han Xue anxiously said with shaking arms as she pulled a brown package from her pocket.

Ye Qian only slightly glanced, then said: “Xue, don’t worry, second brother has his ways.” Speaking about money, Ye Qian had no lack of it, in his pocket was a Swiss bank card that could overdraw hundreds of millions, but he didn’t want to use it. He was certain that if he used this card, his brothers would definitely find out and would want to live a life of luxury, when this happens all his hopes of living an ordinary life would be gone. On his body were tens of thousands of cash. If it wasn’t enough, then Ye Qian would regardless just use his swiss card for Lao Die. For Ye Qian, he didn’t expect to do anything less than that.

Han Xue endured her tears while putting the money back in her pocket. They went out to get a taxi, and went straight to Ren Min hospital. It was was less than one hour before they were at the gates of the hospital, Ye Qian gave the driver a hundred yuan and ran straight towards to the hospital without asking for change.

Not having seen each other for eight years, Ye Qian was prepared to see his father’s kind face and for himself to be criticised by him, only to receive the news of his father being beaten up and sent to the hospital. One can only fathom the anger in his heart, this was a matter that naturally encouraged revenge, but now it was more important to make sure Lao Die’s life is saved.

In the hospital, they found a nurse and asked where Lao Die resided in, then Ye Qian went straight in. Just past the hospital room door, lying on the bed all bandage with hands plastered was his father. Ye Qian couldn’t help but let tear run down his face.

“Lao Die…” Ye Qian sob and let out a cry, he had a thousands of things to say, but he didn’t know where to even begin.

Yang Jianguo opened a pair of dull tired eyes to see a young man in front of him, immediately he choked back his tears and said: “ Xiao Er, you are back?”

“En!” Ye Qian nodded, but he didn’t know what to say.

Yang Jianguo kindly smiled, and weakly said: “It’s good you came back, good you came back, I am fine, don’t worry.”

“Lao Die, who injured you?” Ye Qian asked.

“Xiao Er, forget it, they are a rich and powerful house, don’t provoke them. If you do, how will you be able to handle it. Moreover, they have already paid two thousand yuan for the hospital fees, I think I will forget about it.” Lao Die knew Ye Qian’s character, if he told him about them, he was afraid that Ye Qian would surely go to find them and take revenge. This originated from the experience of his third brother getting beaten up, and Ye Qian then stabbing this person, which led him to desperately needing to flee.

Ye Qian also guessed what Lao Die was thinking in his heart, he deliberately and indifferently said: “Lao Die, don’t worry, I only came back to have an ordinary life, I will not cause any trouble. I just want to know what is going on.”

“Oh..” Lao Die sighed and said, “ I was picking up trash outside the airport and happen to pick up a person’s wallet, then went back to him. Who knew he would misunderstand that I stole it, and he immediately started to hit me. Now he knows that he was wrong, he paid the bills to make it even.”

Ye Qian slightly frowned, no wonder the old man’s figure outside the airport was familiar, it turned out to be his father. Remembering his appearance, Ye Qian’s heart started to spontaneously burn up. Since he now knew who beat up his father, he had many ways to deal with with him. Kindness accused wrongly which resulted to being beaten up, and the only being given two thousand yuan, this was just simply disregarding life. Money, for Ye Qian, had no meaning, but he cannot just not give justice to Lao Die.

“Truly inhuman, settling the injuries to another person through only two thousand yen, yet people continue to watch and the law continues to tolerate.” Han Xue can’t help but angrily scold, however in the end she was a pure and gentle girl, even if she swears it was still rather refined.

“Xue, you are in the middle of test, you should go home to review your homework, I am all right, don’t worry. I will immediately return back” Lao Die said kindly.

“Lao Die, you are still in the hospital, how could I leave. I will take my books and study in the hospital, while I will take care of you.” Han Xue said.

Ye Qian turned to look at her eyes and said:” Xue, listen to Lao Die, second brother is here, don’t worry.”

“No way, brother just came back, you must be very tired and should return home to rest. Besides, you are a guy, where did you learn to take care of other people; nevertheless, I will stay.” Han Xue said firmly