JS next chapter + announcements

Hi Guys,

Here is the first part of the next chapter of JS:
v2c8 part1

I am going to be posting JS chapters in parts (that is how it is on the Qidian website). This is also because, I find I can translate faster when I find that the end of a chapter is closer. The other reason is because I can get the TLC done if it is in parts. I am not right about the translation all the time, so I do like to get second opinions from some of my friends…

Furthermore, I would like to try to do 3 parts of JS chapters per week, posted mostly on Wednesdays, Fridays and the weekends( German time!, and also, if you don’t see any chapters during the week, don’t worry as I would give them on weekends ). This is because the other days I have evening classes and I don’t have time to TL then.

Please enjoy and do point out any mistakes that you notice, be it a spelling mistake or that I forgot to put something in capitals, etc.




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