Sheng Wang chapter 35


please enjoy Chapter 35 of SW.

We made a change to the name of the material used to manufacture the treasured mirror. and are now calling it : the Divine Jade of the Nine Heavens (earlier it was heavenly divine Jade. I have made the changes from where it was first introduced, but if you do spot an error related to this or anything else, please drop a comment!)


P.S: you may notice there are no signs of m2t5 in this chapter and that is cause he did not edit it but was away…..playing… Pokemon Go? or something else! ( My personal belief: since m2 himself is a pokemon he was caught by others instead!!)

P.S.S : I have updated the ToC for shengwang, but not all of the links in it are correct. It is a work in progress, so if you do find a link that isnt correct, again, please drop a comment naming the chapter.


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