3 Chapters~!

Hey guys, M2t5 here with a combined total of three chapters! Today we have 1 Lord Xue Ying Chapter. (New volume Yay~!) 1 Sheng Wang chapter. (Edits haven’t been checked), One half Jiu Shen chapter and 1 half Kuang Shen chapter (Edits haven’t been completed). So as you guys can tell, I didn’t quite finish editing tonight, so I’m going to be working this week to finish them all off. Additionally, we may have a bonus SW chapter in the works, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Thanks for all the editor and translator applications, keep them rolling! I would love to have 1 translator who is dedicated to translating Kuang Shen (Mad God) because as of now, we don’t have one (Demenious has become busy with difficult university courses). But don’t fear, Dark Translations isn’t finished, as Sheng Wang has been picking up due to Ash’s hard work, so please thank her for delivering consecutive chapters every week! We are also still looking for Translation Checkers, so apply apply apply!

LXY updates should be coming a little more frequently now, as I am going to pick up on the editing process there. So do expect at least 1 chapter every week for the next two weeks or so.

Jiu Shen is suffering from the lack of a TLC’er, thus we can only release what we have TLC’ed every week (which unfortunately, sometimes amounts to none, if no half has been TLC’ed).

We have attempted to contact Detalz the translator for RNM, who we had contact with a few months ago, but alas I haven’t received any response. It really is a shame that my favorite LN series has been stalled for so long, but it has been a few months, so hopefully Detalz will release a chapter soon (I think that he had Volume 3 chapter 6 translated a few months ago).

As for me, well I’m going to sleep. 😛 Good night and enjoy your chapters~!


8 thoughts on “3 Chapters~!

  1. Uh so I don’t know Chinese but I have an English Masters and I can edit translated works for final review of the translators before release. I’m pretty fast s editing and can edit chapters just about as fast as you can TL them. Dunno if it’s useful but figured I would comment. Thanks for the chapters!


  2. In the Kuang Shen chapter I believe what you wanted was “”trebuchet” from context clues, but the first few times it is mentioned you call it a “balistia”. Just wanted to point out what seems to be a typo.


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