1+1/2+1/2 = 2 whole chapters…Right?

Hey guys M2t5 here, I’m pleased to present 1 SW chapter, 1/2 of a KS chapter and 1/2 of a JS chapter. JS will be going at 1/2 chapters until GX comes back, as we still want to have weekly updates for you. (we have 3 chapters in reserve).  Enjoy your MLK day, and be sure to think about your team of creatures(and robots) at Dark Translations :P.

Speaking of our team, we reeeeaaaaalllllyyyy need a good TLC’er, and it would be nice to have another translator around(Demenious has a lot of work on his plate, and it would be cool if someone could help him out). + Our editor team has gotten pretty stale (no fresh blood for Demenious, they are all looking a little bit pale.), so please check out our recruitment page if you are even the teensiest bit interested. Thanks~!

The requirements for a TLC’er are a bit different than a translator, as you will be checking a translator’s work (and maybe translating a little yourself). Just apply normally and mention in the email that you would like to TLC, and I’ll get you in a conversation with Demenious to see if you have the appropriate knowledge to go along with the task. Don’t worry if you aren’t confident about your skill level with Chinese or English, as we can always help you learn. 😀 (When I say we, I mean our friendly blood-sucking translators 😛 )

There was one part of the KS chapter that was bothering me, so I will like anyones’ comment that mentions the part that I am very confused/unhappy about.

It is kind of late for me to make a reddit post, so can someone do the SW chapter for me? I’ll post the other two when they become full chapters. Thanks~

Did I mention we needed members? If you haven’t considered joining, then please do! It is a lot of fun~!

Please don’t forget to thank our translator and editor team who worked on the chapters.

Kuang Shen (half)

Sheng Wang (full)

Jiu Shen(half)


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