2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Click here to see the complete report.


5 thoughts on “2015 in review

    • Yo, just wanting to put this out and this is a convenient spot. Can you make this site easier to navigate on mobile. This site is cancerous on mobile devices.

      How to make more mobile friendly:

      1. Add next chapter/previous chapter links at the top and bottom of every chapter.

      Ex: I went onto Lord Xue chapter 22 and thought maybe I missed 21 or 20 as it looks unfamiliar. But there’s no links to go back at the top or bottom.

      2. Remove volume 1, 2, 3 stuff from the menu bar and instead just have the links to the main pages of each series. You can then divide the stuff on the series pages into volumes.

      Ex: After noticing the lack of next/previous links I went to the menu bar to find The Lord Xue index. There I found a cluttered and glitchy bar extending down with all sorts of volumes without saying which series it belonged to.


      • We know that the site is cancerous for mobile users, as right now the site is optimized for desktop/laptop users. It really is an aesthetic choice which we made. But there are certain things that can be improved, and other things which already exist that could improve your experience on the mobile site.

        1. I have mostly been slacking off on the next/previous chapter links, sorry about that. I’ve been busy lately, and haven’t been able to go back to old chapters and update the links. (and if you have noticed, I haven’t been posting the latest chapters)

        2. Each of the cluttered menu bar options is actually a page, and if you click on those, you will get a ToC for the title. For example, if you click on Volume 1, you will get a ToC for the first volume. There are also plans to put in a full text version of each volume on each volume page. So if you clicked on say “Lord Xue Ying” you would get the ToC for Lord Xue Ying, with an updated ToC.

        While this site isn’t the friendliest thing there is for mobile users, do keep in mind that we use WordPress.com, which gives us a free sub domain in exchange for limited site functionality. We try and make due with what we have, and sometimes get a little lazy, but please be patient and deal with all of our faults



    • Also this post is annoying for mobile users too since it’s literally just a link. Why not put some basic stats down and then put the link down for the full report and proof of the stats. Mobile users will look at that link and will ignore it as many have limited data and try to avoid sites that eat up data.


      • Well the post was automatically generated by WordPress, and I deleted the quick summary given, because I assumed it was redundant. If you look at the link, it is part of our sub domain, so ignoring it would be like ignoring a chapter page link.

        If people are concerned about the limited data that that page takes up (I haven’t tested, but it looks like 1MB of data max) then I could post some basic stats, but I hadn’t received any comments saying so before you did. Limited data plans hasn’t really been on my radar, and if people are really curious they can wait until they are on a computer to see the full report.


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