Delay in the translation release

GX here, tehe 😛

Sorry guys we have a bit trouble this weekend, with m2 away and Demenious’ sudden disappearance, we are currently in a pitch, it is not that we don’t have chapters for you, we have it, but they are not checked by demenious our dear lord and learder, that is why I as a simple robot did not dare to release them, Luckily I go notice from Demenious that he will be back soon, so look forward to the releases someday within this week.

I am trully sorry that I don’t have enough courage to shoulder the burden of a high quality translation.


3 thoughts on “Delay in the translation release

  1. Ty for the notice. On a side note GX when will the next chapter of your story be out? Will it be a weekly release or maybe monthly I really enjoyed the first chapter and want to see more.


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