The Beginning

Hi everyone,

GX here again! As I announced in my last post, today I will start posting the epic(Ed:since he doesn’t have enough self-confidence, we need to always tell him) Web Novel written by me, edited by the team and various other people I know. I hope you like it. Once again I will tell you about my novel.

It is a story about a Dwarf, other sentient races(Elves,Dryads,..etc), war, Gods, Dragons, other Divine beasts and creatures. But …it is all about the story of a dwarf. I made a mistake by calling the first part of my story prologue. I hereby apologize to you all. The first of my story is the prestory of the second one. I had a translation error in my head. I am truly sorry. Now enough of me blabbering! Here is the first Chapter of the first story of the world of Kaethea, which I created.

BEWARE: If your brain can’t stand too much epicness, you might wanna rethink about reading this. For those with strong religious beliefs ,this could very well confuse your religious views, so please don’t be offended.(Edited by the only human Ash and pure evil Vanagandr)

yours truly, GX 😀


14 thoughts on “The Beginning

  1. Can I ask how you would plan your story? As I am wanting to try and write something myself, I would like to know just how far you’ve planned everything, because that’s what’s confusing me and stopping me from writing at the moment?

    Thanks so much, and looking forward to your novel!


    • Well first of I also started like you, but I found out that my story was already too big in my head and that I have no ability to bring that big story down to paper, that is why I restarted with the prestory, and didn’t plan so much as the first story, but I did a lot of researches about magic fighting and most importantly describing. I am still an amature who just started writin, after all. So here is my pointer for you, first put down what should happen in your story as bulletpoints, sort them out. give each bulletpoint at least half a page of story, later on you can combine the bullet point part together and smoothen them. secoundly let your characters do as they please, it means be your character don’t think as the author once you are the charater him-/herself and don’t think about the bullet point you put down for that part, because once you do it will be more like a forced development. third always think this is not enough there should be more, reread your story with thought, and your will find flaws and gaps in your story and will be able to correct them. Lastly and most importantly have others(like friends, families, the translation team[great thanks to your support darktranslations team] you have ) read your story, let them critise/comment it. once they did read them think about them, either discard them or accept them, it is your story after all. These are the things I did also it helps if you are open minded about what others say, have a big heart to take them all in and believe and have faith in your story. This is what I could say about my writing, all grammar errors and spelling error, in this comment are due me not being a native speaker and I appologize for it.
      Good luck with your novel, I am looking forward to it. My own novel is just bad I think.


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