Merry Christmas! Look for presents!

GX: “Ehm over here. Oh great Demenious.”

Demenious turned around and he saw a robot dressed in red standing in the middle of lots of ingredients.

Demenious: “What is your desire GX? I was sleeping you know. And what’s with your red attire?”

GX: “Well, ingredients one….two…..three….”

Everyone around said, “Merry Christmas!”

Demenious: “Did you wake me up from my slumber just for that?!”

GX: “Actually, I need a little help, you know, Christmas time.”

Demenious: “Sigh….. for real? Now? ….. Fine let’s do it, since you have prepared the ingredients.”

GX: “For now, Jiu Shen chapter 11 is the ingredient.”


Although it’s Christmas the creatures of the dark do not celebrate Christmas, they celebrate the Thanatos-day. Thanatos (our editor) ferries souls to one of the next worlds
and was awarded ‘Soulferrier of the millennium’ award. Whereas, Vanagandr was awarded 2 tons of brain-matter for not escaping his prison.


In a far away land, M2t5 is traveling alone, searching for more limbs presents.

-to be continued-

Watch out for more present later today!


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