New Sheng Wang and Kuang Shen Chapter~!

Hey guys, M2t5 here. We got three two chapters today! (We may get a LXY chapter out sometime today or tomorrow as well) I’m quite excited that we got a Sheng Wang chapter out, since it has been almost a month. Right now, I’m thinking of getting one out every other week if not one every week. But we will see. Anyways please thank Vanagandr for picking up Sheng Wang while I am busy. He is currently the head editor for the series. (Basically he gets my privileges for one series) Of course I will still work on it some, but I will focus on the others. We had this system going for Jiu Shen but then the head editor in charge disappeared. (leading to the long gap between chapter releases) Vanagandr seems to be dependable 😀 He’s been one of our longest serving editors. Lots of applause for him! The change in head editors also lead to a week or two extension in the chapter release, but its all good now.

Rakuin no Monshou… our forgotten child. Uhm, I’ll try to whip our two translators into shape, (we did get lots of applications, but nobody responded to my emails/started translating T.T) but right now they have a lot on their plates, so I’m letting them choose what they want. What does that mean? The chapter that we are working on (Volume 3 Chapter 7) Won’t be out until we have a lot of free time, or we get some more translator applications/people who join the group and actually translate :P. (I love applications, but please be active).

Jiu Shen is rocketing along with two chapters that have yet to be released.

Sheng Wang has one chapter (after this one) waiting to be released.

Kuang Shen has one bonus chapter that will be released soon. (This week?)

Kuang Shen CN version is also chugging along. They have almost caught up to the En version, and are on Volume 4 Chapter 5.

LXY as I said earlier will have a chapter released either today or tomorrow. (Depends on my hw load)

Ruze edited it like a ninja… its out now! Not sure when the next chapter will be out but hopefully soon!

Comments = motivation! Comment more! (I count the thank you’s on each page, and use them as currency in my virtual zombie vs. editor world)

Applying is super easy. Just check out our Recruitment page underneath “About” –> “Staff” –> “Recruitment”     There are no tests, and you can evaluate your own skill level. 😀 JOIN US 😀 (We are your new cult… the translations of Dark! Feed M2t5! He only takes the most virgin of editor souls. :P)

Fun aside, chapters here:

Sheng Wang

Kuang Shen (EN) Volume 5 Chapter 2

Kuang Shen (CN) Volume 4 Chapter 1

Kuang Shen (CN) Volume 4 Chapter 2

Kuang Shen (CN) Volume 4 Chapter 3

Kuang Shen (CN) Volume 4 Chapter 4

Kuang Shen (CN) Volume 4 chapter 5


18 thoughts on “New Sheng Wang and Kuang Shen Chapter~!

    • En has English names, while CN has pinyin names. We romanize the names so that they are easier to remember, but some readers prefer the original pinyin, so we do both versions :D.


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