New Kuang Shen Chapter~!

Hey guys, M2t5 here only one chapter today.. Sorry :L, But never fear we have more translated chapters stored up, and once I get around to editing them, we will release them. (maybe next week?) Wow my chapter release posts are getting shorter and shorter :(.

Anyways join us if you want to! Our recruitment page can be found under the “About” tab. Anyone is welcome to join as long as you feel that you meet the requirements. (There isn’t even a test 🙂 )

Anyways, Enjoy the Chapter~!


21 thoughts on “New Kuang Shen Chapter~!

  1. i already read the chapter once, but when i refreshed (to read comments) it shows the chapter 8 of volume 1 titled ‘jisue trouble’

    why is that? i’m pretty sure i haven’t that one (since i last cleared cache and history yesterday.) so there is almost no way it loaded from browser’s cache


  2. This redirect to vol 1 chapter 8 . i already try type manual at domain adress change vol 1 to 4 and still open vol 1 and domain adress still in vol 1


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