Naming Spree!!

We will use the name that has the most votes!

There’s no particular meaning for the name, but if I have to translate it, it is “Fertile Husband” “Rich Husband”… I know what you’re thinking, no, not as a name please.

Remember this is a werewolf or a wolf man so a name that is not too ridiculous please

Boon: We need a bad pun dog meme

Demenious: GX and I are secretly voting for “Woof” go, go, go~


GX: this is for the new Kuang Shen Chapter 4 Volume 4 so the one that perhaps will come on sunday 10 pm UTC -8:00


18 thoughts on “Naming Spree!!

  1. Waifu is dangerously close to #1 right now…now it’s in the lead! GX put it in the editors vote for fun, and m2 already declared it the winner by executive order. If you guys vote for it now, we’re seriously going to put it in the TL! Fair warning!

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  2. Goddamnit people don’t joke around waifu is seriously terrible (-‸ლ). If it’s seriously waifu I’ll be seriously pissed.
    I filled in Clifford (the Big Red Dog) in Others :p


  3. Using Google and Google translate, it looks like these two characters are meant to make the “wove” sound, much like wolf. This sounds like the author wanted the name to be wolf or have a name meaning wolf. If the latter, and if you want to make it more appealing to English speakers, you may want to consider using a recognizable name that means “wolf”, such as Adolf, Adolphus, Beowolf, Fenris, etc… (you can search net for names meaning wolf).


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