Sheng Wang Chapter 2 Released!

Hey guys, as I said in the last chapter post, I would release a Sheng Wang Chapter today to make up for the lack of a Kuang Shen chapter. So here it is!

Also cool new news~!

We are currently picking up a series. Please go to the [TBA] Tab to Vote!

The names are in!

Picture to the Right: Jiu Shen (Bacchus, Wine God, Liquor God, God of Liquor, you get the idea…)

I’m pretty sure that this is written by: Tang Jia San Shao

We have translated and edited the prologue here!

Picture to the Left: Some long ass Pinyin which means Snow Eagle Lord! (Snow Eagle Guide, Snow Eagle [insert your noun here])

I am very sure that this is written by: I Eat Tomatoes

You may find the first chapter here, which has been translated very kindly by Nom Yummi a long time ago!

Also, we have a:


Now I was very ashamed of the lack of a skit last time, so I made a extra long one w/ demenious and GX(the new TL’er) this time. Read through it, it is very entertaining. (imo).

m2t5, Demenious and some of the Editors went on a journey to find new Staff Members. They came across a cave with a name, 翻译家洞 . Legends say that many have approached this cave seeking members, but few have left in one piece. What will they do? (Options)

  • enter the cave
  • throw some raw text into the cave
  • moving on without a look
  • throw an editor in it
  • translate and edit the name of the cave

M2t5: What does this even mean… T.T I can’t eat what I can’t read…  😦

Demenious chose:  [translate and edit the name of the cave ]

Cave name now shown. <<Cave of Translators>>.

m2t5: Hmmm, Throwing some raws inside seems like a good idea…

Demenious: Sounds good…

M2t5 chose: [throw some raw text into the cave]

Some raws fly into the <<Cave of Translators>>


Sometime later, they hear some noises: stamp, stamp, stamp… a pair of lights, one green and one blue appeared from the deep recesses of the dark of the cave. Suddenly with a  peng sound, and a wood tablet flew out. Looking at it Demenious and M2t5 realized that it contained the translated text <<Liquor God, Lord of Snow Hawk>>. The light then vanished, stamp, stamp, stamp… could be heard receding into the cave.

m2t5: Oh there must be something in there lets take a bite look

Demenious: You can go first, good luck~~~~

m2t5: Hmm.. The slaves editors have been slacking lately; How about sending one of them in?

Demenious: ok

M2t5 chose: [Throw an Editor in it]

One of the editors is thrown into enteres the cave.

Editor: The heck are you doing here? Go TL more Mad God, wha-ahhhhhhh~~~~!!!!

m2t5: At least give me the leftovers~~~~ 😥 … He was going to be my snack afterwards T.T

Demenious: What do we do now?

m2t5: Mmmmm…. How about …. you go in?

Demenious: No, you go in. I’ll… read the translated text, or something….


while they were uncertain who should go in first, they could smell something delicious. unable to resist the smell, they entered the cave…

Demenious and M2t5 chose: [Enter the Cave]

What will they discover?

  • M2t5’s Meal the editor lost inside
  • Translation Robot
  • nothing
  • Some gold and diamonds
  • a ring and a journey to the centre of the earth
  • boots and items (Divine sword of Exorcist)
  • something delicious

After entering the cave, they followed the scent of the delicious meal. With each step, the smell became more intense, until they reached the source. They found themselves in front of a kitchen.

There was a oven with a small kettle resting upon it. Not caring about the potential danger, each of them took out a bowl from nowhere, ready to eat.


Demenious and M2t5 were so terrified they couldn’t move, each stomp was louder and seemed closer. Soon, the strange pair of lights appeared again, the figure became clearer: it was a strange thing that was carrying a human.

(It was GX)

Demenious: Ahhhhhhh

m2t5: Ahhhhhhh~~~

Hearing their loud screeches,almost as if they were baptized by holy water the figure approaches and puts something into each of their hands. A bottle containing a mysterious liquor for one, and a mystical staff for the other.

GX:  greetings humans I am GX, did you guys beeeeeeeeeeeeeep sleep? clatter# ratter#

Demenious: Uhh, no? wait, yes. Uh, wait no. No we haven’t

m2t5 faints

GX: Error, database is damaged ## due to long term sleep. zztt checking readable memory, English reading full functioning, zzttz Chinese reading at 60%, ztt German reading full functioning, zztt English understanding at 90%, zztt Chinese understanding at 90%,zztt German understanding at 80%, zztt Chinese  English at 80%. ztt German to englisch 90% zztt Chinese to german at 80%. zzttz cooking program damaged, repair skill at 50% beep.. progress complete

What do they do?

  • run away
  • destroy GX with Demenious’s dark magic
  • invite GX to the party
  • ask GX if there’s any food

Demenious: A-are you sa97ejs? (Jesus) (hope there aren’t any religious folks out there)

GX:  Do you really want me to eat the one on my back? Ding!?!

Demenious: Wh-what’s on your back?

Demenious Looks carefully at the figure on GX’s back, and recalls something

GX: executing command in…… 9……8

Demenious: That’s m2’s… I think?


Demenious: Wait! is that our editor!?

GX: He poked my scanning equipment, what you humans call eyes and almost destroyed them……5

Demenious: Stooop!!!!!

GX: Command on halt, error.

m2t5 wakes up

m2t5: uhhh… what happened… why are you screaming?

Demenious: …. I’m hungry

GX: Awaiting answer to the Command, do you wish to continue?

m2t5: Ugh Demenious why haven’t you eaten him yet?

Demenious: I’m a necromancer, eating is your job *stomach growls*

m2t5: Okay… GX come here… I want to take a bite~~~~~~

Demenious: *stomach growls* ….

GX: Ok, continuing with the command……4

m2t5: Huh what is this command?

Demenious: Execution


M2t5 realises what the thing on GX’s back is.

m2t5: WAT? MY MEAL NOOOO~~~~~

Demenious: GO M2, SAVE YOUR MEAL!!


m2t5: Meh… Too lazy…

Demenious: Then save mine… *stomach growls*



GX: Executing command.

GX opens energy input lid and was about  to shove the Editor in…

GX:Continue execution

GX: zzt…. batery low…. zzzt…. zzzzt

GX: Con… ti… nu zzzzt need… fu..el

Demenious: Did he say he wants food? O.o

m2t5: O.o he wants to eat MY editors?

GX: No…..the…zzztt…bo….wl…bzzt …yo..ur….han…..

Demenious: I don’t care get me some food.

m2t5: Does he mean that stuff that I poured on the editors?… I thought it was soy sauce…

Demenious: WAT?

GX: No..btzz…..bowl…..btzt…zzt…

Demenious: I’m gonna… meh….*stomach growls* brain shuts down… Plays with dark magic at a conner

m2t5: Meh… its more trouble than it’s worth… lets just leave…

GX: shu….tzzzt…..

GX was silent.

After 30 mins

Demenious: Uhh where are we?

m2t5: i know where we are…. we need to go to the left

Demenious: I don’t trust you, you said “left” 5 times already. Wait… is that the robot that took my food!? Where are the editors when we need them!

m2t5: Ok we are lost, we went in a circle…… and the editors were eaten are on break

Demenious: that damned robot is that his doing.

Tries to hit it with the bowl in his hand

GX moved a little

m2t5: he what did you do?

Demenious: I’m trying to get my food….

m2t5 pours the content into the lid.

Demenious: why are you wasting that on the robot? Looks carefully Hey m2! Isn’t this the translating robot the news are talking about?

m2t5: Hmmm It could be… Lets see if it will translate for us.

Suddenly GX stands back up again


GX:  Restarting……………..initialize starting quest: Do you wish to accompany me on my searching for interesting raw texts to translate?

Demenious: If you give back my fo.. editor, I’ll let you translate some raw texts.

GX: Opening storage…. searching for the request item items…… item found…. Do you want to have it back?

Demenious: yas yas yas yas

M2: meh… *drooling*

GX opens a lid and pulled out the editor, who was supposed to be eaten.

Editor: it was like heaven in there, wait why are you guys still here go back and translate Mad God.

M2: We uhh…. sure, we are translating Mad God *drools*

Demenious chose:  [invite GX to the party]

GX joined the party

And on the way to find the translating robot GX, Demenious and M2 found a few more editors to accompany them on their journey.

the end to be continued-

This skit is produced by Dark Productions ©2015

Anyways Please welcome GX to Dark Translations, with the traditional claps~!

*clap* *clap* *clap*

Demenious: *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*  Welcome GX! *clap* *clap* *clap**clap* *clap* *clap*

So…. Here is the chapter~!


18 thoughts on “Sheng Wang Chapter 2 Released!

  1. *clap* *clap* *clap* I am extremely impressed by this script. It’s so well done, its almost as if you guys translate and work with novels in your spare time! Anyways, thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thanks ^-^ I’m surprised that you posted this chapter after OSTNT posted the 3rd chapter of the manhua, it’s like you guys are secretly collaborating or something 0_o


    • Haha IKR… I just found out about it on Manga updates… T.T God… when will a LN series be ahead of the manga? Hahaha, but we aren’t currently collaborating (sadly). It would be really cool to have him/her on board; OSTNT was the translator of Kuang Shen before ItranslateLN started up.


    • You seem to be mistaken about why we translate and release chapters. We do this because we enjoy doing so. You seem to be under the impression that we are required to do whatever you(the readers) want. While the readers are an important part of Dark Translations, it is by no means the end all do all. The reason that chapters take so long to do is because we focus on having ***QUALITY*** translations. We don’t care how long it takes, we want the end product to be as great as possible. If we are ahead of schedule, then we will release a chapter early, as a bonus chapter to show our appreciation to the donors for supporting us. Each series we have picked up is behest the request of someone inside the group, and a translator has agreed to undertake the task. Your comment has disrespected the translators, not only for Bacchus and Snow Eagle Lord, but also for Kuang Shen and Sheng Wang; as they also approved of this. I hope that you will reflect on your actions.

      Sorry about the long ass wall of text. Just had to get all the negative shit that your comment gave me out.

      Liked by 4 people

    • well because the new translator thought the could be fun for you readers and he enjoys translating, eventhough the chapters sometimes gives him such a beig headache that he had to go and cut down some trees and puntch some wholes in a wall, but that is how the translator improve their skills.

      Liked by 3 people

    • Translating is no easy task, GX started a new series because he thought readers would love it and the chapters of KS and SW are already mostly done by me. We are not obliged to finish Kuang Shen nor Shen Wang, we are translating because we love doing so.

      Liked by 4 people

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