Volume 3 Chapter 6 Released

Hey guys, once again it is M2t5 here. (Yay three consecutive chapter posts~~). I apologize for the delay in the chapter, me and Demenious had a communication mix-up. I told him to post the chapter… He told me to post the chapter… and it just happened to be posted on Monday… Totally not my fault… (right?….)……. 😥

ANYWAYS, since that was obviously not MY fault. 😛 Got some announcements to put in here…


Now normally I would have a skit prepared, but as many of you have figured, I’m kinda overloaded at the moment. (I know right? its summer T.T) So no skit :(…

Anyways, please welcome Wanderlust to the team~~~~!!!!

*Claps* *Claps* *Claps*

Now that we have announced the new translator, we will be taking a one week break. Enjoy~~~ :P.

Here is the chapter link


Gotta explain the break don’t I >.<…

Okay, here is my reasoning… Demenious has translated something like 5 KS chapters and 2 Sheng Wang Chapters along w/ a little of a super secret project in the last three weeks. thats like… 3x our normal pace. Give the guy a summer. sooo No KS chapter next week. I will release a Sheng Wang Chapter next sunday to make up for it though~~.

We are also looking for active editors.

now here is the real chapter link~~~


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