Hello! This is Demenious. For various reasons, i have decided to make a donate button. I do not receive payments for doing this so if you’d like to show your support you may donate. 🙂

If the number of people who donates reach a certain amount, to celebrate that we will release a bonus chapter! Wait, number of people? O.o Yes! So every of your donation makes a difference!

However there’s a target amount too! So if the amount received reach the target a bonus chapter will be released!

We don’t release bonus chapter unless we are celebrating about something.

However small the amount donated will be fully appreciated 🙂 please don’t feel shy about it. It will motivate me to present more Kuang Shen chapters regardless!

It would be a bliss to see that you are showing support in what I do. Cheers.


7 thoughts on “ABOUT DONATIONS!

  1. *calling* Yes, hello this is meatbun. I would like to make a donation.. do you take puppies or kittens perhaps ? Or perhaps you take something more “non-living” ? Like a hotdog or oxtongue ? Lol
    ..now i’m hungry… forget about the food part… i suddenly found i dont have “non-living” in stock for donation XD

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  2. I really like your idea of basing extra chapters off number of people donating rather than amount donated. There are lots of less well off people that would like to show their support but don’t have the $60-80 that some translators require for extra chapters so they don’t donate. I feel like this system would let more people feel good about donating, even if they can’t spare a lot.

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